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This is Michele @ The Writers Nexus….

I love working with intermediate and emerging writers of all genres!

I understand how difficult it is to take the story in your head and create a wonderfully readable book. It’s even tougher to make sure it finds an audience.

EVERYONE has a story, but not everyone is a writer… I want to help you get there.

I do this by offering developmental editing services (critical reviews) on…

It’s very affordable (one cent per word) and I really over deliver. Please take a look.

The editing links take you to my profile page. Scroll down and you’ll find my gigs.

When you order a gig I will provide:

* honest and slightly ruthless editorial reviews.

* creative writing tips to help make your work as strong as possible.

* suggestions to immediately improve your writing.

Many emerging writers make the same mistakes until they are identified. My reviews help to correct those errors.

Don’t forget to check out my poetry/guest posting section, as well as, some samples of my editorial reviews.

Here’s a link to a video by Mark Coker of SmashWords. It’s an in depth look at the self-publishing industry. It was filmed in 2013, but the knowledge he brings is relevant for today and well into the future.

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